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There are different types of bets on cricket you can place. Here you can find about all the types of cricket bets available:

Match Betting | bets on cricket

This is by far the most common type of bet you will get to find on nearly every cricket betting site. When placing a bet on match/series winner for limited-overs format, you simply need to predict which team will win that match/series. However for test matches, you will also get a third option to bet on i.e. draw.

Completed Match | BETS ON CRICKET​

For one day matches, you can place a bet on if you think that the game will be finished that day or not. If you believe that the weather or some other outside factor could impact the game finishing that day, then you might consider placing a bet that the match will not be completed. For this wager, you’ll merely bet yes or no if the game will be finished on the day that it is scheduled.


Another straightforward cricket match bet is the tied match wager. For this wager, you’ll merely bet yes or no if you think that the match will end in a tie. If you select correctly, then you’ll win your wager.

Top Bowler/ Batsman | BETS ON CRICKET​

Here, you will have to predict which batsman will score the most number of runs and which bowler will finish with the best bowling figures at the end of an innings or at the end of a match. A bet will become void if your selected top batsman/bowler does not feature in the playing eleven of that match, and it will be settled as lost if your player plays the game but does not get to bat/bowl.


At the start of every match, be it test, ODI or T20 international, a coin is flipped to decide which team will bat/bowl first and all you need to do is simply predict the winner of the toss. No skills are required here and winning this bet requires sheer luck. Bookmakers often offer same odds for both the teams in this market.

Man of the Match/Player of the Series

It’s extremely common in cricket for a single player to be tapped as the Man of the Match or the Player of a Series. With these two bets, you can select which player you think will earn the title. For the most part, these wagers are only available in major markets so you might not come across these if you’re betting on smaller market cricket matches.


When you have created an account, funded it, and have navigated yourself to bet you like,

Here you see information on the upcoming for eg. IPL 2019, the game between the Chennai super king and Delhi Capital.

In addition, you see two columns next to this information which says ‘1.72’ and ‘2.10’ respectively. These are the betting ods for this match and each team. The odds under the ‘1’ tab is the odds you get if you bet on the home team to win, in this case, Chennai super king. ‘2’ is thus the odds you get when you bet on the away team, Delhi Capital.

Do cricket odds change?

Yes, cricket odds fluctuate depending on how many people are taking those odds. If lots of people are backing the favorite, for example, then the bookmakers will shorten the price to balance their liabilities. They will also extend the odds on the underdog to attract people to bet on them instead. Match prices are also tweaked right until the fixture starts as team news, pitch conditions, and other information becomes clear.

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