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what is teenpatti?

Teen Patti is a popular Indian gambling card game just like poker. It is normally played in a group of 3 to 6 persons and uses a 52-card pack without jokers. Each player is dealt three cards face down. Before the cards are dealt, the boot amount is decided and collected from each player. The boot amount is the minimum stake amount put in the pot, which is the money kept in the centre of the table. As the game progresses the pot money grows and is won by the winner of that hand. Winner is the player who remains in the game till the completion of the hand and has the best hand or the highest hand based on the cards ranking shown below.

Ranking of the cards from high to low is:

  1. Trail or Set (three of same rank),
  2. Pure sequence,
  3. Sequence (or run),
  4. Color,
  5. Pair (two cards of same rank), and
  6. High Card.

how to play teenpatti?

 Each player contributes the boot money and gets three cards facedown. Now it is the turn of the player next to the dealer in clockwise direction. The player has option to place a bet without seeing the cards (blind) or see the card. When the player sees his card, he/she can play chaal or may have other options depending upon the progress of the game. A player who places a blind bet is referred to as the blind player. A player who places his bet after seeing the cards is referred to as the seen player.

Blind Player. To be blind player, you must not see your cards. You have options to play Pack, Blind and Show if available. To play Blind put the bet amount in the pot. The Blind bet amount is equal to the current stake amount or twice the current stake amount. The current stake amount, in case of the first player, is the boot amount. Thus if the first player is a blind player, the player must bet amount equal to the boot amount or twice the boot amount.

Stake Amount. The bet placed by a blind player becomes the stake amount for the next player while half of the bet placed by a seen player becomes the stake amount for the next player. In case of the next blind players, the bet amount can be equal to the stake amount or twice the stake amount.

A blind player can ask for a Show only when there is one opponent remaining in the game. This is a blind show. After asking for show, the cards of both the players become visible and the winner gets the pot.

Seen Player. A seen player can play Chaal, Pack or may have other options. The other options that may be available to the seen player are Show and Side Show. Once you have seen your cards, to remain in the game, you must play chaal unless you select any other available option.

(a) Chaal. To remain in the game, a seen player must play Chaal or Side Show if available. For chaal the player must put the bet amount in the bot. The bet amount for a seen player is equal to twice or four times the current stake amount. If the previous player is a blind player, the stake amount for next player is amount bet by the player. If the previous player is a seen player, the stake amount for next player is half the amount bet by the player.

(b) Side Show. A seen player can ask for a Side Show. Side Show means that you wish to compare your cards with the cards of the previous player. You can do this only if the previous player is also a seen player and there are one or more other players still in the game. For Side Show you put amount equal to twice the current stake in the pot. Your request for the Side Show is conveyed to the previous player. The previous player has option to accept or deny your Side Show request.

If your Side Show request is accepted and the previous player has better cards than you, you must pack. If your cards are better than the previous player, the previous player must pack. After one of you have packed, the turn passes on to the next player.

If your Side Show request is denied, you do not see each other’s cards and both of you remain in the game and the turn passes on to the next player.


1.  Always start with small bets– Remember, Teen Patti is a marathon and not a sprint. You will play many hands in a single session. It is better to spread your losses and give yourself many chances to win. 

2. Donot be too expensive- Never be first to bet is you have good cards. Never fold immediately when you have bad cards. This will make your playing style too easy to figure out. As soon as your fellow players understand how to read you, your chances of winning big decrease greatly. If you have good cards, play it smooth and increase your bets gradually.

3. Do not get emotional- When playing Teen Patti, online poker or any game that combines skill and chance, it is important not to get too emotional. Emotional players make irrational decisions that will ultimately end up costing them excessively much money. 

4. Dont be afraid to lose-  Pro players know that they do not have to win every round. A professional player is not someone who always wins. A professional player is someone who makes enough money playing Teen Patti to support himself. That means he wins more than he loses. 

5. Do not play for real money until you understand the game- Teen Patti is a game where you can win or lose large sums of real money. If you are going to play, it is best to know everything about the game, before you start wagering your life savings. It is actually very easy to learn how to play. Most Teen Patti sites we recommend let you play for free, with free chips. As your skill grows, you can start playing for small sums and gradually for larger sums.

6. Set your limit before start playing– Before you play, decide how much you are comfortable with losing. Do not play with borrowed money, or money you need for rent, food, or other bills. 

7. Play blind – Unlike in Poker, Teen Patti lets you play blind as much as you like. That means you can raise the stakes even before you or other players have seen the cards. This strategy often makes inexperienced players start playing recklessly, and will often make them fold a lot quicker. Players will often act more emotionally if the stakes are higher, making them easier to read. If the round starts with small bets, a blind game will not cost you that much. 

8. Remember that oppertunity can strike at anytime- Teen Patti is a dynamic game. Players can fold or raise unexpectedly. Even though you may think that other players have better cards then you, you will often see all or most players folding in a single round. This gives you an opportunity to win even if you have bad cards. 

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