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Winning tips

Always start with small bets

Remember, Play teen Patti  Online is a marathon and not a sprint. You will play many hands in a single session. It is better to spread your losses and give yourself many chances to win, Play teen Patti  Online

Do not be too expensive

Never be first to bet is you have good cards. Never fold immediately when you have bad cards. This will make your playing style too easy to figure out. As soon as your fellow players understand how to read you, your chances of winning big decrease greatly. If you have good cards, play it smooth and increase your bets gradually.

Do not get emotional

When playing Teen Patti, online poker or any game that combines skill and chance, it is important not to get too emotional. Emotional players make irrational decisions that will ultimately end up costing them excessively much money.

Don’t be afraid to lose

Pro players know that they do not have to win every round. A professional player is not someone who always wins. A professional player is someone who makes enough money to play Teen Patti to support himself. That means he wins more than he loses

Do not play for real money until you understand the game

Teen Patti is a game where you can win or lose large sums of real money. If you are going to play, it is best to know everything about the game, before you start wagering your life savings. It is actually very easy to learn how to play. Most Teen Patti sites we recommend let you play for free, with free chips. As your skill grows, you can start playing for small sums and gradually for larger sums.

Set your limit before start playing

Before you play, decide how much you are comfortable with losing. Do not play with borrowed money, or money you need for rent, food, or other bills.

Play blind

Unlike in Poker, Teen Patti lets you play blind as much as you like. That means you can raise the stakes even before you or other players have seen the cards. This strategy often makes inexperienced players start playing recklessly, and will often make them fold a lot quicker. Players will often act more emotionally if the stakes are higher, making them easier to read. If the round starts with small bets, a blind game will not cost you that much.

Remember that opportunity can strike at anytime

Teen Patti is a dynamic game. Players can fold or raise unexpectedly. Even though you may think that other players have better cards then you, you will often see all or most players folding in a single round. This gives you an opportunity to win even if you have bad cards.

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